cheap change

Cheap Change Installment One


Assembly of AC Flying Geese (uses (16) Color C 4 ½ inch by 2 ½ inch rectangles and (32) Color A 2 ½ inch squares):


Putting right sides together, place one Color A square on the Color C rectangle oriented this way:



Sew on the drawn line and trim ¼ inch from the sewn line, according to the diagram:


Press open. Place a second 2 ½ inch square, right sides together, according to the following diagram:

 Sew on the drawn line, trim ¼ inch from the sewn line and press open. You should have this unit:


 Make 16 of these AC Flying Geese units. Eight of these will be used in the next step and eight will be set aside for a later step.


 Unit I Construction: (Uses (4) Color A 4 ½ inch squares and (8) AC Flying Geese Units)

Construct Unit I using the following diagram, being careful to orient your Flying Geese in the same way:


Press towards the 4 ½ inch square.

You should have a total of four Unit I’s at the end of this step.


Construction of AB Half-Square Triangles (Uses (18) Color A 2 7/8 inch squares and (18) Color B 2 7/8 inch squares)


Place Color A 2 7/8 inch square right sides together ding to the diagram:



Sew 1/4 inch on either side of the drawn line. Cut on drawn line. Press towards Color B. Trim to 2 1/2 inch square.


You should have (36) AB-HST units.


You are done Installment I!! Give yourself a pat on the back, a piece of chocolate and bask in the glow of a job well done!

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