block of the month

Curly Top

The Curly Top Block of the Month  is new for 2013.   Installment are added monthly.

Feel free to use your favorite method of appliqué!  This project is designed to be quick and easy, so feel free to use fusible appliqué and substitute embellishments like embroidery and buttons for the smaller pieces.  Have fun and be sure to send pictures to me at

All applique blocks are 12 by 12 inches finished.   Please ensure that your printer prints each document at full size and does not reduce the document to scale.

Fabric Requirements

January Block:  Curly, It's Cold Outside!!

February Block:  I Love You, Curly, I Do!!

March Block:  Lucky Curly Top

April Block:  Bunny Basket Curly Top

May Block:  Flowers for Mom, Love, Curly Top

June Block:  To My Dad, Love, Curly Top

July Block:  Curly Top Is Raising the Colors

August Block:  Curly Top Needs Some Sunscreen

  September Block:  The Apple of Curly Top's Eye

October Block: 
Curly Top's Tricks and Treats

November Block:  Curly Top Counts Her Blessings


December Block:  Curly Top Trimming the Tree

Curly Top Finishing Instructions